Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Pen of the Watchman: If We Fight Can We Win?

PLEASE CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK TO READ THE ENTIRE BLOG ARTICLE AT: The Pen of the Watchman: If We Fight Can We Win?: "The U.S.A doesn't have to fight a war it can't win if we stop it before it starts. Many Black People feel like white people and the U.S. government is already at war against them, but Black People have yet to fully fight back....."

Monday, June 26, 2017

Me, Us, and Bill Cosby

Recently I was asked how I felt about Bill Cosby now with all the allegations and revelations about him having come out; especially during his recent mistrial for sexual assault. My answer is this: I can forgive him but I can't forget how he indulged himself at not only those women's expense but ours also as his fans, supporters, and of those who believed in him because of the message he pretended to portray. It makes it harder at the thought that he has the audacity to want to hold town hall meetings about sexual assault. This is not about a white supremacy conspiracy but about what Bill Cosby has admitted to himself and been brought out by others.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

White Supremacy + Racism = Global Destruction

Racism & White Supremacy are the most brutally violent social ideologies ever created or put into practice on a global scale as well as the world's greatest and most wicked "affirmative action" programs. "White Nationalism" is not "white pride" but is "Terrorism" that is systematically enforced against non-white masses even after granting these colonized peoples the illusion of freedom or equal citizenship in order to domesticate them. Not all white people are White Supremacists but ALL PEOPLE are victims of white supremacy; including the racists themselves, because racism has given white society a false sense of security.

Friday, May 12, 2017


So you consider yourself a "scholar" and like challenging others to debates to prove yourself? Having a degree doesn't necessarily make anyone a scholar but nor does being a well read autodidact (self taught person) make you one either. It's how well you accurately research information and can communicate that research to others that makes you a true scholar. If all your information is from memes or YouTube videos then it means you don't know anything. It just shows that you are a blind follower of other people's information based on how well it sounds but not on how right it actually is.

You're Not An Immigrant!

It irritates me a great deal that anyone who is a person of melanin born in the Western Hemisphere either in Europe or the Americas that is a slave descendant or descendant of colonized native peoples would call themselves an immigrant or allow that false label. We were enslaved & colonized in Africa and the Americas. We didn't immigrate anywhere. Our ancestors "migrated", not "immigrated", to vastly unsettled lands and built thriving civilizations there. We weren't even infected with certain diseases until the Europeans invaded with their own diseases and wiped out entire ethnic cultures with them.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Random Thoughts on Black Christians, Forgiveness, & The Black Church

Black Christians have to stop being so accommodating to others when it comes to racism & White supremacy, even if those others are so called Christians. No true believer in Christ ignores the suffering of injustice enacted towards their fellow believer or human being, and tells them to "just pray about it" while they do nothing about it.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

How To Identify A Psychopathic Man In A Relationship

When men are being habitually unfaithful to their spouses and are unrepentant about it they will normally began accusing their mate of being unfaithful in order to try covering their own infidelity. They will use disagreements or purposely create them as excuses to leave the house to "go out with friends" and "get away". They rarely apologize and won't be accountable for neglecting their spouse or children, nor honestly admit to any abuse that may be going on. Often they will begin sowing seeds against their own mate to try setting them up as the one in the wrong just in case they ever get exposed for the wrong they're doing.