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How To Identify A Psychopathic Man In A Relationship

When men are being habitually unfaithful to their spouses and are unrepentant about it they will normally began accusing their mate of being unfaithful in order to try covering their own infidelity. They will use disagreements or purposely create them as excuses to leave the house to "go out with friends" and "get away". They rarely apologize and won't be accountable for neglecting their spouse or children, nor honestly admit to any abuse that may be going on. Often they will begin sowing seeds against their own mate to try setting them up as the one in the wrong just in case they ever get exposed for the wrong they're doing.

This can become a psychopathic behavior pattern that is indicative of a self centered, narcissistic, manipulative person who thinks they're smarter than most while falsely portraying themselves to be humble, honest, a "man of God", a pro-ethnic "revolutionary", the innocent victim, and the one being unjustly persecuted. They're usually very convincing charmers because they have experience doing this with others. They'll take things about their faithful spouse and begin to twist them to try and implicate their wife as the guilty one to the gullible people they've already deceived under their spell. 

This is type of deception is highly effective against the deeply religious and the deeply nationalistic pro-ethnic revolutionary. Religious organizations or communities and Ethnic/Nationalistic groups are the best hiding places and best breeding grounds for this type of psychopathic mentality because they will go largely unchecked with pitiful dismissive excuses made for them by those who will defend them rather than confront them to be accountable. Both the Religious and so called ethnically "Conscious" communities have a greater tendency to leave their wounded bleeding and dying while protecting the offenders as honorable.  

PSYCHOPATH (noun) - A person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc. 
Here are some indicators of psychopathic behavior in MEN you need to be aware of

1) He can physically harm you and not show any remorse or concern for any damage caused to your person. Whenever a man is not remorseful or sincerely repentant for his deeds against you then it means he feels he is justified in doing them to you, and he will do them again. By physically abusing you he is trying to eliminate your sense of self-worth to where he gives you your value, and also puts you in fear of him by exerting his strength over you to intimidate you into submissiveness to him. 

2) He isolates you from a safe environment where you don't have easy access or communications with your family & friends. He must create an environment where you have no allies and he is the center of your world or main focus. He may try to come off as a bit of a loner to certain people so as to protect himself from exposure of who he really is. This plays a big part in creating difficulty for the two of you finding mutual friends or couples that you equally like. 

3) He monitors your social interactions with family, friends, or people online and creates bogus complaints about you spending too much time with others, but he doesn't spend quality time with you except when it's for his greater benefit or when he wants it to lead to sex. He's very controlling to the point of not only controlling your environment but also you physically, and you began to become less of yourself as your sole role is to make him look good to cover up how bad he treats you. 

4) He stops you from doing things you were doing or pursuing before you met him to keep you at home and busy doing other things under the guise of being a "good wife" taking care of the home. You're not even allowed to have a "home based business" because he may see that as a threat to him being the breadwinner, and you having some form of economic independence. He does this to control you financially so that if you leave him you will not have the money to support yourself and may have to return. Never leave yourself without some means to get money. 

There are some men jealous & envious of gifted or productive women who they see as a challenge to their manhood, and they plot to pursue that kind of woman to get her and then "clip her wings" to shut her down as a sick act of conquest to prove that he could submit you under him. This is scary because most women aren't aware of this, and the man is often so charming that he seems almost hypnotic in his courting of her to where she believes she wants what he wants more than what she wanted for herself. 

5) He does not hold himself or any male child you may have to the same standard he expects of you, and makes your priority serving him while he does not reciprocate in participating in the household duties because he uses his full-time employment as an excuse for being exempt or helpful; if he is working. He cannot allow your stress or tiredness to ever equal or be greater than his. 

6) He does not try to romance you or take you out on dates and rarely (if ever) on vacations but demands sex whenever he wants it, and complains when he doesn't get it; often falsely accusing you of not being affectionate enough while not connecting the dots as to why you may not want to be affectionate with him that often. This can lead to "forced" sexual contact even between a husband & wife. Regardless of the relationship, anytime the act of sex is forced against your will it is rape.

7) He only makes friends with other men he feels he can be the "alpha-male" among, and who he feels don't pose a threat to his own ego or warped sense of manhood. Strong men of genuine character admire other strong men of genuine character and don't mind being around them, but he's not a strong man of genuine character. He tends to avoid men who seem in anyway more of something admirable or reputable that he is not or wishes to be more so than them because he's envious and jealous of them. 

In truth, he sees his "friends" as beneath him and sees himself as their superior because he's a vain, selfish, and childish person but a great pretender before others at playing the "humility game". He almost always blames others for his failures in life, whether it was in a relationship or in a career, as his excuse for mediocrity or missing the mark. Many of his character traits are rooted in his unresolved childhood issues that have never been properly identified, so he's never gotten help for them nor will admit to them. 

8) He dominates almost every conversation and will even use long exhaustive arguments as a tool to mentally exhaust you in order to wear you down so that you'll be more compliant with what he wants. This is usually accompanied with far out philosophical or theological beliefs of which he becomes obsessed with, and will often try to force on you. 

9) He maintains a double standard on how you can interact with the opposite sex, and will use your relationships with other men to try incriminating you as being unfaithful or disrespectful to the relationship even to the point of trying to slanderously drag those innocent men into your relationship as justification for his behavior. This is usually a sure indicator that he's cheating on you. 

10) When he believes he may be on the verge of being exposed for his abusive behavior or infidelity to you he will rally the friends he secretly disrespects and weak minded women who secretly desire him or admire him (partly because he's manipulated and seduced them) to his cause against his spouse rather than honestly own up to what he's done so he can make amends with you. If "silly women" are rallying to this man then let them have him and learn for themselves. They are helping you make your escape. Don't be so foolish that you will fight for someone who may one day leave you anyway, or kill you. 

2nd TIMOTHY 3:2-6; "For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,  Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,  Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;  Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts." #PSYCHOPATHS

11) Admitting his faults or wrong in a matter is almost never done because that would give you some leverage in the relationship that he feels he can't afford to lose. In order to keep you feeling beat down or in a state of subservient guilt to him he can't allow you to be right about anything or for himself to be wrong except a very small amount of times to give a false impression that he's fair. He will guilt you into exhaustion mentally and physically to where it becomes hard for you to clearly focus or reason. 
The above indicators by themselves don't always denote a psychopath, but a majority combination of the above list is a good bet that you're dealing with a psychopathic man. This list is not exhaustive but concise, and most of these behavior patterns are revealed during courtship if you allow your mind to see beyond your emotions so you will avoid marrying this. Can people change? Yes they can, but it won't be instant and may take a few years to happen. Without first being honest with one's self about their need to pro-actively seek help for self-improvement and healing to change they will only get worst and hurt others more

Can women be psychopaths? Yes they can, but this isn't about women this time and I'm speaking as a man about men for women's benefit as well as for men. I gave you the "game" that SOME men play and get away with because of women's naivete or desperation for a man without accurate discernment of the kind of man he truly is. There are still good men out there but you have to be wiser in choosing to avoid the bad ones who take time away from your life that you could be spending with a good man who truly loves you and will grow with you. Now I'm going to give you rules to this particular game - DON'T PLAY IT! ~ Mr. Blaktastic

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