Monday, January 8, 2018

Why Black People Keep Losing

If Black People as a whole are winning then how is it we seem like perpetual losers by our own hand more than by others we constantly rail against? When I was in the U.S. Marines I learned warfare tactics, such as scouting out an area long before the enemy arrived to make small almost unnoticeable adjustments to the terrain just subtly enough to maneuver the enemy into our traps & range. We also sometimes set up dummy traps they would see as misdirection to further maneuver them where we really wanted them to go. It was basically making them come to us on our terms.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Blind Black Love For Pro-black & Church Frauds

Dear Black Folks, It is a unicorn fable that somehow when one person disagrees, points out chicanery, abusive behavior, or the criminal activity of another that it hurts Black People or your chosen religious body. Stop asking people to give your spiritual or pro-black conscious frauds another chance, or to always sit down and work it out when there's friction between various ones. We don't need to unify behind bull-crap.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

And the "Negro Please Award" Goes To...

I'm going to be extra vigilant in this New Year for "hot button words & topics" used by so called "Black Conscious Leaders" just the same as lecherous false preachers. They use these words or catch phrases to get Black folks riled up to where our emotional reaction outmatches our intellectual response, and we're swept up in their snake oil false theories, conspiracies, and pseudo-science. I will support no one who is a proven charlatan just because they are a Black person or a professed Christian even if they are blood related to me. All they're getting from me is a "Negro Please Award" to get out of my face.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Poor White Ain't Poor Black

It seems there's an expectation for Black People to feel sorry for all the "poor white people" in America and consider them "honorary Black folks". There are always a few Blacks & Latinos who think this, and many Asians tend to side with whites. There are some outstanding individuals who truly stand for equality & justice that I consider friends and will stand with, but beyond them collectively poor white people embrace their white privilege with no intention of working for equality. Until white people consistently confront other white people on racism then don't expect Black People to "get over it".

Thursday, September 28, 2017

When Should I Protest???

By sitting & kneeling during the national anthem Colin Kapernick took a strong stand against racial injustice that has exposed America for not standing for what it claims the flag & anthem represents when it comes to Black People. If Colin Kaepernick didn't sit or kneel for the national anthem there would be no discussion at all about racial injustice, and things would continue as they have been with no justice or progress. In truth, we still haven't progressed or gotten justice, but Colin's stance has at least made many more uncomfortably aware of the issues. It is unfortunate that there is more emphasis on disrespect for the flag or the national anthem than the continual disrespect of Black People in America; which is why the protests were started.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

If We Fight Can We Win?

The U.S.A doesn't have to fight a war it can't win if we stop it before it starts. Many Black People feel like white people and the U.S. government are already at war against them, but Black People have yet to fully fight back, and I pray that we don't have to. However, if we're forced into such actions to defend ourselves as well as to obtain equality and justice then I'll be doing more than just praying. Some who claim to be Christians as I do or of some other religious persuasion may fear that I'm calling for violence, but I'm calling for God given common sense. In the biblical book of Esther when the Jews were in a similar situation as Black People in America are today they weren't instructed to march or sing but were told to fight back after they had already prayed. Black People have a right to live freely in peace as human beings, and to also fight for those rights.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Me, Us, and Bill Cosby

Recently I was asked how I felt about Bill Cosby now with all the allegations and revelations about him having come out; especially during his recent mistrial for sexual assault. My answer is this: I can forgive him but I can't forget how he indulged himself at not only those women's expense but ours also as his fans, supporters, and of those who believed in him because of the message he pretended to portray. It makes it harder at the thought that he has the audacity to want to hold town hall meetings about sexual assault. This is not about a white supremacy conspiracy but about what Bill Cosby has admitted to himself and been brought out by others.