Thursday, January 26, 2017

Accountability - Where Is It Among Black People?!

On January 25, 2017 a black woman in Atlanta, GA got a double whammy at a gas station near the Georgia Dome. As she went to make a purchase she was accosted by another black woman for her cell phone. The other woman fought her for her cell phone and took it from her. As she went after the other woman for her phone she dropped her car keys. Three black men unrelated to the strong arm robbery who observe the whole incident did nothing to help her, but instead pick up her keys and steal her car while she's still trying to get her cell phone back.

Monday, January 9, 2017

An Open Letter to BLACK PEOPLE

An Open Letter to BLACK PEOPLE:  In Africa right now as we speak there is constant tribal warfare and religious warfare between differing factions of Black African People. In the U.S.A and in other areas of the west there are the same kinds of tribalism and constant divisive conflicts between those of different spiritual or religious persuasions among Black People.

DIVIDED: The Failure of Online Pro-Black Social Groups

It's sad that most information in black online social groups is in memes because we have no discipline to read and learn. We have such a lack of knowledge and a preponderance of misinformation among us because most of the online information we accept as true has made us into fools who think "dropping knowledge" or educating our people means dropping the most memes about things we haven't researched to know if it's actually true, or about things meant to take shots at what others believe.