Monday, January 9, 2017

An Open Letter to BLACK PEOPLE

An Open Letter to BLACK PEOPLE:  In Africa right now as we speak there is constant tribal warfare and religious warfare between differing factions of Black African People. In the U.S.A and in other areas of the west there are the same kinds of tribalism and constant divisive conflicts between those of different spiritual or religious persuasions among Black People.

"Two men in a burning house must not stop to argue." ~ African Proverb 

Some of you think going back to Africa is a feasible solution for Black People in the west, but why? The same things we're doing here among us is also being done in Africa by Black People, and you're not going to help solve their issues when you can't do anything about our issues of disunity and you yourself are a major contributor to it by your own divisive behavior. 

If Black People are forever the servile ethnic group of all other peoples or become extinct from the Earth then the greater blame will be on Black People as a whole regardless of how much evil and wickedness has been inflicted upon us by other ethnic groups historically. Our future is in our hands, but until the incessant in-fighting stops we will never see a better one. 

I will intellectually and spiritually defend Black Christians like myself against the Conscious Community, Hebrew Israelites, atheists and all others, but I'm tired of fighting back against other Black folks. However, I'm not going to lay down and let you walk on me or those with me because of our beliefs no more than I would allow others to do because of my skin color. 

“When brothers fight to the death, a stranger inherits their father’s estate.” ~ African Proverb 

I'm not afraid of anyone, even on a physical level. I want a peaceful life but I will fight and give my life for the cause that is right, and ours is right. I pray and hope I don't spend my life fighting you because you can't accept me and demand that I believe like you because you're too ignorant to realize we're already alike in many ways with no need for conflict between us. ~ I.J. West

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