Monday, January 9, 2017

DIVIDED: The Failure of Online Pro-Black Social Groups

It's sad that most information in black online social groups is in memes because we have no discipline to read and learn. We have such a lack of knowledge and a preponderance of misinformation among us because most of the online information we accept as true has made us into fools who think "dropping knowledge" or educating our people means dropping the most memes about things we haven't researched to know if it's actually true, or about things meant to take shots at what others believe.

Blacks buy books they never read just to say they have them but seem to get most of their information from YouTube videos, the lectures of others, and memes of quotes from those books & authors. When we disagree we call each other "agents, coons, sellouts" and all kinds of names on behalf of white supremacy while claiming to be pro-black and proclaiming "black power" in abject hypocrisy. We don't respect one another or can allow others to be free to believe as they want without attacking them, and think calling white folks devils means we're black angels, but we act more like devils towards one another than others do against us.  
Everybody thinks they're right and what they believe is the truth, so anything different from their narrow minded view is seen as false, from the "white man" and blah blah blah. We show sexy exploitative pictures of black women while calling them "queen" and falsely claim we're honoring them when the truth is we're just promoting our perverse thoughts about them. Put your mother, sister, wife, daughter, or other female family members in those pics and see if you feel the same way. 

Black People are a laughing stock to the world because we've made a joke of ourselves by our divisive ignorance, and don't realize that memes, cartoons, comics, and illustrations are the most elementary ways to communicate to simple minded people who may lack the intellectual capacity and discipline to understand more complex things. We've proven that we're unable to have intelligent conversations without becoming defense and attacking one another for our differences rather than unifying to edify one another for what we have in common.  

For a minute I got caught up in trying so hard to defend the incessant and needless attacks on Black Christians & Christianity by putting out as much information as I could against the Conscious Community, Hebrew Israelites, and Islamic community. Now I realize that's all they do to each other but they agree together in attacking Christians, and I'm making myself just as ignorant as them by following their bad example in trying to get back at them for their wicked behavior.  
All of this together just keeps Black People as a whole continually divided with no hope of ever uniting because one group or the other wants to control the minds of Black People to make them believe as they do; which is just exchanging one slave system for another to be dominated by one run by Black folks. I won't be a part of any of this. 

I will work with Black Christians for the benefit of ALL black people, but it's much harder to trust or work with everyone else based on what I've seen. I have no issue with what others choose to believe individually, but if what you believe is an issue for others then don't deal with them. I advise Black Christians to be equally cautious and skeptical about working with these other groups based on their ill will towards you.

White Supremacists don't care what we believe individually either. They only care that you're black, but if you're too stupid to realize that then you actually end up working for them against others of us thinking you're making progress. You are making progress, but it's in the wrong direction and for the wrong people, which means progression for them is regression for us because of YOU! Make all the false assumptions you want, but your dissimulation hasn't help us do anything and it never will. ~ I.J. West

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