Thursday, January 26, 2017

Accountability - Where Is It Among Black People?!

On January 25, 2017 a black woman in Atlanta, GA got a double whammy at a gas station near the Georgia Dome. As she went to make a purchase she was accosted by another black woman for her cell phone. The other woman fought her for her cell phone and took it from her. As she went after the other woman for her phone she dropped her car keys. Three black men unrelated to the strong arm robbery who observe the whole incident did nothing to help her, but instead pick up her keys and steal her car while she's still trying to get her cell phone back.


BLACK PEOPLE: Some of y'all claim to be "conscious, woke, enlightened, Kemetic, RBG, Hebrew, Moor, NOI, Muslim, Christian, black nationalist" and like calling each other "king or queen" just as much as you so easily flip to calling each other "coon, bitch, nigga, agent", and other racial slurs but you almost never address the degenerates among us who continue to perpetuate crimes on us. Instead we hide and protect them behind stupid street codes of "not snitching" or not turning them over to "the white man's police", but you allow them to rape, rob, murder, and terrorize our people with impunity. What is royal about that?!

Every excuse used is some psycho-pseudo babble about our oppression and what white people did to us, but almost nobody takes any accountability for having their own mind or thinking for themselves until someone addresses them about what they don't want to hear. Then all of a sudden you say how nobody can make you do anything or tell you how to think. You angrily respond, "Fuck you!", "Suck my this & that!", but whenever called out for our less than regal behavior while calling those of a different skin tone "beasts & devils", all of a sudden it's these beasts & devils who made you do it and put it in your mind to do.

If you do the same things as those you call beasts & devils then guess what? THAT MAKES YOU A BEAST & DEVIL TOO! To make excuses for this behavior and call yourself or another who does so a king or queen is hypocrisy. You can't claim something you don't or won't exhibit. If you're a low down dirty no good for nothing nigga then that's what you are, have been, and will be until you change to be better. I will not call you brother or sister until you act like one, and I will never call you a king or queen as long as you call yourself a "nigga, real nigga, thug, gangsta, bitch, real bitch" and all that other stupid stuff. 
There's a movement going around to get black folks to call various hotlines rather than call the police, but how can I trust any of these so called "black help hotlines" when it's most likely that I'll be robbed, assaulted, terrorized, or murdered by another black person?! If black men will stand around watching a black woman be strong armed by another hooligan black woman and then add to her misery by also robbing her then why the hell would I trust some more black folks I don't know over the police?! If we won't police our own neighborhoods when crime is happening right in front of us then how can we be trusted?!  

You all make no sense to me. You will rally to fight racist white supremacists or get armed to stand against racist cops, and it's normally always the wrong unorganized element doing it walking around cussing loudly while being menacing instead of being organized and disciplined, but you won't rally to do the same thing in our communities. I know the sociology behind "black on black crime" and that people commit crimes among who they live, but we claim to be people of a higher standard as if we're better than that. If we are better then prove it instead of all the nostalgic debates & stupid memes! 

No, this is not for white people's consumption so they can use it or feel justified for their racial brutality against us for which they're never accountable for either. This is directly to Black People who don't seem to mind posting their disagreements, ratchet behavior, ignorance, violence, and hatred towards one another on a regular basis for the whole world to see so they can get "likes" or "hits", but get upset when a word of correction or a call to accountability is given. ~ Mr. Blaktastic 

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