Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Marijuana is being legalized in the United States of America only because white people with the financial backing can now farm it in mass in order to keep Blacks & Hispanics from cornering the market, and so the Government can tax it. It does have a medicinal use, but its use as medication is not anywhere close to its profitability and use for recreation.

Marijuana could have been legal to begin with, seeing that it's less deadly than cigarettes. Unlike southern tobacco farms which were made extremely lucrative by hundreds of years of free slave labor, "weed" wasn't considered profitable domestically or as a U.S. export, especially with surrounding countries producing and importing more product illegally. This has changed only because U.S. economists see the fiscal opportunity in minority communities. 
I don't smoke "weed", or advocate the use and sell of any recreational drugs at all, but I firmly believe the criminalization of those who do needs to be immediately undone by dropping or dismissing all charges and sentences against everyone convicted and incarcerated for the sell or possession of marijuana. Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia have all legalized some form of marijuana use as of the results of Election 2016, and it will only be a matter of time before it's nationwide. 
In spite of this, the U.S. continues false & unjust imprisonments for "weed", primarily against Black men to re-enslave them for free labor in the prison system the same as they did after the Civil War to force them to rebuild the South for whites. Meanwhile, they've found another way for the dominant society to profit from vice just like it did with alcohol around the time of prohibition; which made whites like the Kennedy's and Italian mafia super wealthy. 
America continues to build a case of hypocrisy & inhumanity against its own self. Smoking "dope" negatively impacts your brain and your long term thinking, which is why it's called "dope" in the first place. The United States only continues to prove how much of a "Dope" it is with the seeds of its own undoing within itself, and no intention to stop practicing "White Supremacy" even in this new legal drug business, while getting high on it's own supply of "Amerijuana"~ Mr. Blaktastic

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  1. And THAT is what I encountered across the globe, when it was discovered that I was from the USA..."my sister, how do YOU as a Black woman, deal with America's continual hyprocisy?"