Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Cure-A-Coon Spray & Black Elites After Election 2016

One thing I've noticed since Election 2016 has ended is that all of a sudden the Elite Negros who were buck-dancing the hardest for Hillary Clinton and riding the wave of Democratic handouts to buy their loyalty now want to work with the Black Community they shunned to build up the Black economic power base. Donald Trump has scared some Black folks who were pretending to "be down" into now being Black for real. His impact is like "Cure-A-Coon Spray".

The Black Community sold themselves out for white folks again, and have nobody to blame but themselves. White folks supported their guy and won outright. Us grassroots negroes been telling folks but, "Since some of dem wuz in da bighouse an weez in da field dey wouldn't listen to us right directly." It reminds me of Black slaves who rejected other slaves by saying, "I'm saving myself for massa!" 
When you take "field Negroes" out of the field, off a chitterling diet, make them "house Negroes", clean them up, dress them up, and give them one slice of turkey with some cranberry sauce they start believing they can be white. Because of just that small taste of the "white life" they begin trying to secure their position in "the big house" by ingratiating themselves to "massa", rather than trying to get turkey for the rest of us still left out in the field eating shitty hog guts, aka "chitterlings". 

This is why celebrities and most upper class Blacks don't genuinely support grassroots causes or do much for the poor, unless it can be seen by the general public to enhance their personal star power or influence. The unnamed voices of truth in the Black Community are the true celebrities, and it is among them where our true leaders are as well as in whom our future is. Stop expecting that those who have sold out are going to save you and give up their position of privilege. It's never going to happen. 
It seems to me that the only people who want to take folks back into slavery are predominantly Black folks who are angry they couldn't control how others voted or force them to vote, just like you do to a slave. That makes you as bad as you claim Donald Trump is. You made your choices independent of them and they made theirs independent of you. That's called "freedom". The election is over, so please shut up and deal with it. 

I believe Black people in America haven't learned a thing from this election. The day after the election proved how divided we still are. I see some Black folks blaming other Black folks for Trump winning and Hillary losing because they didn't vote, or because they didn't vote for Hillary. How are you going to blame Black folks for your white savior losing but find no fault with your candidate & party?! That's "COONING"! 
Donald Trump winning has frightened the "Jesus, Joseph, & Mary" out of the Black elitist "talented tenth" who have ignored Black folks to ingratiate themselves to the White Majority & the Democratic Party, as well as the middle & lower class Blacks who blindly follow that same broken tune of the "Pied Piper". The fact still remains and the truth is still the truth; without unity we cannot save or help the Black Community, and everything we try will fail. Either we empower ourselves to save ourselves or just continue to be lost and losing more each day.  ~ Mr. Blaktastic  

GALATIANS 4:16; "Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?" .... I guess I am to some, oh well.

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  1. I was in Cairo, Egypt, when I heard the news. Neither candidate was my choice. I voted for a different person altogether.

    I didn't like Hillary's "heir apparent" smugness, and Black folks' carte blanche, lock step support! Donald Trump had zero gravitas, but he concentrated on how to hit home...focus on fears, and the delegates approval.

    Honestly, I can't say that I am upset with his election. He is doing EXACTLY what he SAID he was going to do...capitalize, capitalize, capitalize.

    MAYBE, (I HOPE), this has awaken the communities across the country, to stop making corner, over-priced, Middle Eastern-owned stores financial empires; they don't even circulate $.50 BACK INTO the community....(last time I checked), we haven't got the memo yet...