Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Black Revolutionary vs. The Black Visionary

There is a pronounced lack of vision among Pro-Blacks beyond the manufactured "Black Revolution" they proclaim. If Black People in the Americas ever accomplish their goals as a unified people, what further need will there be for so called pro-black revolutionaries? We need visionaries to build continuous generational success for us. True revolutions unite the oppressed masses for a common goal, not keep them divided for profit under their oppressor. You don't have to look any further than social media to see one of the primary reasons why there isn't cohesion among us to ever have a true "Black CommUNITY"; it's the new age Pro-Black Revolutionary.

I personally don't believe that many so called pro-black "conscious" folks really want Black People to advance or achieve unity and equality in the Americas, because then there would be no more use for them. They are agents of conflict against peace who can't live without "the struggle". Being "pro-black" has become a hustle that has caused more problems among Black people than lying politicians or pimp preachers. Many pro-black revolutionaries have only proven to be hypocrites who criticize the Black Church to mislead others to themselves as the new false messiahs. They thrive on the hurt, anger and pain of Black people by creating constant fear, paranoia, conspiracy, distrust, and chaos to maintain their relevance.   
When your "revolution" can be marketed and merchandised as a business then it isn't real, and will never cause those you're revolting against to consider you a serious enough threat to meet your demands for change. You just make yourself a slave of a different mind among your own kind, but in the same system in which you are being oppressed.

I'm convinced no election whatsoever is going to prompt Black folks to unify, because we're too conditioned to enjoy finding ways to maintain our disunity, and lack the humility to work together for our collective good. The skewed mentality of popular Black community figures is a warning of the new tyranny they would inflict on Black people if they were in power. I sincerely hope & pray daily that I'm proven wrong, but every day I keep being proven right. We're so predictable that no one takes us seriously anymore as a force to be reckoned with for the long term. We get indignant and emotional in short bursts that soon run out of momentum while accomplishing little to nothing, only to bring us right back where we started.
Ignorant & divisive memes dominate the landscape of black thought in social media with constant attacks on people's religious choices. There are super dumb Malcolm X vs. MLK debates, and pseudo-scholars who think they have a monopoly on being Black because they own some kente cloth outfits & Afrocentric symbols. We see abject hypocrisy in some Black men claiming to love & respect Black women, but exploiting them sexually. There's also Black women demanding respect from men, but promoting themselves in provocative sexual ways to satisfy their own narcissism for making men lust after them. The emasculation of Black men and misogyny against Black Women by Black People contradicts & condemns us.

Some call for violence against non-blacks, others constantly debate the inferiority of whites while we're in a subservient social-economic condition to them, others teach false scientific theories about the superiority of melanin & the pineal gland, and the list goes on and on. How can you even entertain the idea of fighting a physical revolution when you spend more time fighting among each other?! Whenever someone offers genuine solutions or help they don't get much attention except for Black folks saying to them, "If you really love us then give it to us for free!" These same black folks will pay others whatever the price asked without question, but have the nerves to talk about supporting black owned businesses.
I use to think one of the main problems to having unity in our think tanks was the infiltration of them by Whites or sellouts undermining us, but I was wrong. The biggest problem I see is that a bunch of stupid "niggas" have joined groups of intelligent "Black People", and these same intelligent Black People have joined groups of stupid niggas thinking they were being a part of something to help us along, only to find out they made a big mistake. I'm focusing on making my life great and leaving a legacy for my children, because constant engagement in pro-black bullshit just isn't worth it. It is a negative influence that hinders productive thought. 

You CAN NOT build with those who only tear down. No matter how much they talk about building their behavior proves they're lying! We can't blame white folks for what we won't do when it's in our power do it. Only Black People can pull the plug on "Black Power", and it seems to me that is exactly what we're doing. Until we do better we will never be better, and all this talk of "black this & that" is just phony, because we don't mean it. Pro-Black Conscious Revolutionaries are full of all kinds of information but lack the credible demonstration and ability to unite for joint participation among Black People.  
I hope & pray for the express death of the "Pseudo Black Revolutionary" with all of their empty symbolism and foolish rhetoric that's celebrated by ignorant niggas, so that the "Real Black Visionary" with true plans for the good of Black People can live unbound. Die nigga die, and hurry up about it so Black folks can move forward free of you!  ~ Mr. Blaktastic

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