Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Integration Deception

"Integration" is the greatest deception used against Black People in America, because it's proposal was never genuine by those who offered it. It has prolonged slavery mentally and castrated us economically. In pursuit of integration we became prey to manipulation by the calculated misuse of "immigration" against us. Through this combined assault we are systematically corralled into socially disadvantaged neighborhoods that become gateways for immigrants of other ethnicities to establish economic bases by using us as their consumers. These businesses among us are acts of aggression by an updated system of colonial oppression. 

Unless we radically withdraw our support from these hostile business entities to bankrupt them and drive them out we'll never control our economics. Like slave nannies who breast fed the children of slave masters, Black People in the U.S. have become modern day nannies of White Supremacy through systematic racism and economic exploitation to nurture other communities from our financial teats with no return. Culturally we've been duped out of our own identity like those who took on the last names of their slave masters. Most of our names today are constant reminders of the status quo, and the fact that our history is directly connected to a brutally wicked criminal society built on our oppression. 
How can we claim freedom when our labor and money is chained to the empowerment of others outside of us not for us? We've made ourselves their slaves. It's not religion that has deceived and misled us into our current condition; regardless of which one you pick out to pick on. Those dominating us do so with their dollars in spite of our beliefs, and have only used religion as a political tool when convenient. By buying into the illusion of inclusion through integration we gave up our economic power for the cultural identity of others to finance their communities. In effect, we sold out into a perpetual nightmare of building their dreams and fighting for their "G.O.D" of greed ("Gold, Oil, & Drugs").
"Desegregation" & "Reparations" should have been the goal of the former Civil Rights & Black Power movements so as to provide equal access to resources and create a fair market with proper financial backing, but never integration. Practically every culture on Earth has figured out how to unite among themselves for their economic & social survival beyond their differences, except for Black People in the United States of America. Integration must be organic because forcing it brings bigoted rejection by the dominant society to the group seeking it. Our integration into White Society has only caused greater separation among us. We have no other choice but to unite or perish. Free your mind, free your money, and free your people. 
Black People don't have to hate white folks to justify loving ourselves, but we need to love ourselves more than other folks do or we'll be wiped out by depending on another people to do right by us when history shows they never have as a society. There is no "Great White Hope" coming to help Black People, nor is there a new "Black Messiah" coming to our rescue. The responsibility for the survival of Black People is up to Black People, and getting justice for ourselves can no longer be left to the trust of those who have never given us justice in a system they created to only benefit themselves and their business allies to our detriment. 
The time clock of human history is winding down, but the time of Black People is quickly running out. We're on the verge of being relegated to becoming a footnote in future history. Never expect mercy or fair treatment from those who have never shown you any as a society. We must force their respect by empowering ourselves to stand on equal ground, and be willing to fight to the death for our divine right to exist. The days of marching & singing are over. Either we rewrite the script or face being written out. Separation now won't solve issues created by disingenuous integration but economic empowerment will head us towards respectability.  ~ Mr. Blaktastic

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  1. He was moving from CIVIL rights and focusing on SILVER rights