Friday, May 12, 2017

You're Not An Immigrant!

It irritates me a great deal that anyone who is a person of melanin born in the Western Hemisphere either in Europe or the Americas that is a slave descendant or descendant of colonized native peoples would call themselves an immigrant or allow that false label. We were enslaved & colonized in Africa and the Americas. We didn't immigrate anywhere. Our ancestors "migrated", not "immigrated", to vastly unsettled lands and built thriving civilizations there. We weren't even infected with certain diseases until the Europeans invaded with their own diseases and wiped out entire ethnic cultures with them.

Our ancestors were conquered by violent, racist, foreign invaders who falsely declared they discovered these lands and brought us "savages" civilization. Part of bringing "civilization" is to be "civil", and these "illegal immigrants" were not civil at all but were hostile, violent, rapists & murderers who did most of this in the name of a false god whom they took their concept of the true GOD from African peoples, and distorted it. They even named a slave ship "The Good Ship Jesus Christ", but the true Lord Yeshua the Christ doesn't approve! From Texas to California use to be Mexico but now the U.S. President wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of the land they took from them by war. They were the savages then and in many ways still are today. 
It's an absolute insult to call us immigrants or for any of us to call ourselves immigrants regardless of where we go in the world when the world is feeding off of the economy built on the tremendous wealth generated by the enslavement of our people and the mass of stolen resources from our ancestors. From Africa to the Natives of the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America WE ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS! The dominant society digs up our ancestors, steal our artifacts and displays them in their museums. They mine our resources, steal our inventions and then sell them back to us. That's called "invasion" not immigration. They didn't apply for it, but we paid for it by their brutality and you think I'm going to call myself an immigrant?!
How is it that the invaders get to call us "immigrants" or make you believe that's what you are? Did you "immigrate" into this or did they invade and subjugate you to this? Truly our people our destroyed by a lack of knowledge. While many of us have been marching & singing, "We shall overcome" they've been dancing & singing, "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!" We need to change our tune, change our mindset, and change things around us or nothing will change but will stay the same. Stop thinking of ourselves as inferior and start by changing things by first changing ourselves together as one.
I have no problem with foreign nationals or immigrants but I have a problem with the dishonesty of our government concerning them. As a Black American citizen descended from slaves my issue with illegal immigration is the denial of my people already here many of the same benefits & preferences that immigrants are given over us, and that our people fought for us already here to have. Our people paid for our right to citizenship by blood, and that right can never be taken away or lessened. LEARN YOUR TRUE HISTORY AND STOP MAKING IT UP OR AGREEING WITH THOSE WHO LIE TO YOU. WE'RE NOT IMMIGRANTS! ~ Mr. Blaktastic

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