Friday, May 12, 2017


So you consider yourself a "scholar" and like challenging others to debates to prove yourself? Having a degree doesn't necessarily make anyone a scholar but nor does being a well read autodidact (self taught person) make you one either. It's how well you accurately research information and can communicate that research to others that makes you a true scholar. If all your information is from memes or YouTube videos then it means you don't know anything. It just shows that you are a blind follower of other people's information based on how well it sounds but not on how right it actually is.
It's bad scholarship to only repeat or share information that agrees with your biased outlook and spread propaganda which isn't the truth. This shallow kind of study makes it easy for you to be deceived with false information; especially through social media. It also means you're too lazy minded to actually put in the work to do the research or have an open mind to accept the truth even when you don't like it. Normally the people who can't accept the truth also lack the integrity to tell the truth. They also can't accept disagreement or correction, nor can they admit when they're wrong. Humility is the key to learning for all who teach others.
I recommend that you get you some good books and actually study them, not just collect them to say you have them. Go to some lectures, take some classes, interview scholars or eyewitnesses to historical events and travel when you can. Listen more than you speak so when you do speak you'll actually have something to say worth hearing. Use the internet as an invaluable resource but not as your only resource. Research the research and then research it again to make sure you know what you think you know. Share the videos and articles after you've actually researched the information in them for accuracy.
Never assume yourself to be an expert, but always accept being a student who is teachable even after you become a proven and credible teacher. Learn both sides of every argument in depth with respect to each side and without presupposed bias. The wisest thing you can ever learn is how much you don't know and still need to learn, because the moment you begin thinking you know it all you will only begin proving you know nothing at all and are just a fool who believes too much in themselves with no humility at all. Be humble and keep learning. ~ Mr. Blaktastic

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  1. This needs to be introduced to our children BEFORE they learn all of Lil' Wayne's lyrics, and how to "twerk"...(looking like an ignorant simpleton...a jerk