Wednesday, June 21, 2017

White Supremacy + Racism = Global Destruction

Racism & White Supremacy are the most brutally violent social ideologies ever created or put into practice on a global scale as well as the world's greatest and most wicked "affirmative action" programs. "White Nationalism" is not "white pride" but is "Terrorism" that is systematically enforced against non-white masses even after granting these colonized peoples the illusion of freedom or equal citizenship in order to domesticate them. Not all white people are White Supremacists but ALL PEOPLE are victims of white supremacy; including the racists themselves, because racism has given white society a false sense of security.

Contrary to the erroneous beliefs of many, non-whites can't be racists because they have no governmental power structure to enforce such racial bigotry. It takes ruling power over others to enforce your prejudice as privilege by systematically discriminating against them on a national level in which your ethnic group controls the economics, politics, social structures, and military. Only white European & Eurasian nations have ever had that kind of power over others. It is a "politically correct" ploy to try making "racism" or being a "racist" a universal thing, when in truth it is solely restricted to what is known as the "white race"
The programming of White Supremacy is to make non-white people appear menacing, animalistic in strength or behavior to justify violence against them, mentally inferior, culturally inferior, genetically inferior, and inherently dangerous as a lesser being who is considered a savage. These evil beliefs are also embedded in the current justice systemWhite Supremacy, Racism, and the concept of "Race" didn't exist until the European continent engaged in an economic race for resources by using the ethnic enslavement of Africans & Native Americans as it's foundation about 500-years ago. It's high irony that a nation built on foreign invasion, mass rape, mass murder and the enslaving of foreign peoples is now trying to prevent immigration into it. 
While this hypocrisy can clearly be seen in 2017 it is also lauded by those in power who feel they are divinely appointed to rule and change the narrative to fit their agenda. This behavior stems from psychopathic narcissistic mindsets which habitually and preemptively inflicts the greater violence on those it makes itself out to be superior to when in fact all racists mask a deep inferiority complex. This mentality leads them to try enslaving entire continents, or make false claims of "discovering" lands in which people were already living in prior established civilizations for thousands of years. Such "discoverers" were not explorers or pilgrims, but were hostile foreign invaders whose descendants continue their violent behavior patterns. 

By making the false claim of "discovering" these indigenous people's lands as well as claiming to bring them their brand of civilization they were also stating that in their philosophical nationalistic view the people of those lands and cultures had no value beyond what their invaders gave them. The primary flaw of White Supremacy is the assumption that racism will always be able to keep white society dominant. By this same flawed mentality White Supremacy has continued influencing the world to further divide between people. White Supremacy has implanted within itself the seeds of its own destruction, and it's only a matter of time before they yield their final harvest of damnation. The time of passive resistance or peaceful demonstrations is now past, and the oppressed are nearing vigorous violent resistance for survival as their last option. 
Eventually, because of the lack of just care given to stop racism in society we will be overtaken by classism which will eliminate the middle class and only leave the rich & the poor to divide people. We've never experienced a true society ruled by classism as of yet, but it is a much greater evil than racism that eliminates color lines. White Supremacy & Racism are the conjoined twins of our impending demise and no great leader, orator, speech, or person can deliver us from it, but only society as a whole can change it. The evil we refuse to correct or continue to ignore today will destroy us all tomorrow in eternal condemnation, but white society will get the worst of it for never doing anything to stop what they created. ~ Mr. Blaktastic   

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